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Error trying to load flow file in Cassandra from NiFi



I am trying to introduce a register_date field to a Cassandra table from NiFi. To do so, I have to follow this process: catch an event, take a field from the JSON generated for that event (the field date), and transform it to date format so Cassandra table can include it as a date field.

I'm following the next structure:


First of all, I'm listening from some events. That's the reason why I'm using ListenHTTP processor. Then I take some fields from the JSON I receive and take a specific field to check if it meets a certain condition. If that's correct, I route the JSON and, again, take some fields of the JSON (second EvaluateJsonPath processor). I build a new JSON with elements taken from the previous processor.

Then, I use UpdateRecord processor to update register_date field. Given that, in Cassandra, this field is of date type, I have to transform it to give it a date format. This is my configuration of that processor:


When I trigger the event that actives the flow, all goes fine until UpdateRecord processor, where I find this error: "cannot write schema name as attribute because the schema name is not known". Can you help me? What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks for your help. Regards.



Any help with this? Regards

You initially posted this in an inappropriate Track. The

Bill Brooks, Community Moderator
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