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Error using Apache Phoenix


Error using Apache Phoenix

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I am using the Quickstart VM, with versions:

  • CDH - 5.13.0
  • Hbase -   1.2.0-cdh5.13.0


I am currently trying to install Apache Phoenix trough parcel in my Cloudera Manager. I will explain the process i have followed in as much detail as I can:


  1. Add to the parcels configuration the URL -
  2. Install, Distribute and Activate the Apache Phoenix version 4.14.0-cdh5.13.2.p0.3.
  3. Restart Hbase service
  4. Open a terminal and run localhost:2181



After doing this, the terminal gets stucked here:




After around 20 seconds the HBase service dies, and appear 5 errors:




The Role log file says:


total tasks = 1 unassigned = 1 tasks={/hbase/splitWAL/WALs%2Fquickstart.cloudera%2C60020%2C1533133718921-splitting%2Fquickstart.cloudera%252C60020%252C1533133718921.meta.1533133728565.meta=last_update = -1 last_version = -1 cur_worker_name = null status = in_progress incarnation = 0 resubmits = 0 batch = installed = 1 done = 0 error = 0}



The stdout says:


Wed Aug  1 07:28:34 PDT 2018
appending '/opt/cloudera/parcels/APACHE_PHOENIX-4.14.0-cdh5.13.2.p0.3/lib/phoenix/phoenix-4.14.0-cdh5.13.2-server.jar' to HBASE_CLASSPATH
Set HBASE_CLASSPATH to '/opt/cloudera/parcels/APACHE_PHOENIX-4.14.0-cdh5.13.2.p0.3/lib/phoenix/phoenix-4.14.0-cdh5.13.2-server.jar' successfully executed at Wed Aug  1 07:28:34 PDT 2018
using /usr/java/java8 as JAVA_HOME
using 5 as CDH_VERSION
using  as HBASE_HOME
using /var/run/cloudera-scm-agent/process/236-hbase-MASTER as HBASE_CONF_DIR
using /var/run/cloudera-scm-agent/process/236-hbase-MASTER as HADOOP_CONF_DIR
using  as HADOOP_HOME
Wed Aug  1 07:28:34 PDT 2018 Starting znode cleanup thread with HBASE_ZNODE_FILE=/var/run/cloudera-scm-agent/process/236-hbase-MASTER/znode16202 for master



I don't know if I had performed the instalation wrong or if i have skiped a step, or what happens. I would thank you if anyone can help me to solve this problem.