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Error when Open Hue UI

New Contributor

Getting below error while opening any editor and executing basic command on Hue:


(1054, "Unknown column 'desktop_document2.is_managed' in 'where clause'")


Re: Error when Open Hue UI

Super Guru

Hello @Nakul,


Please post the full stack trace so we can do a better job of understanding the context.


This error indicates that your Hue code may have been upgraded but the Hue database was not upgraded to add the "is_managed" column.


It is likely that when south migration is failing and we should check to see why.

Try restarting Hue Service then:


- Click the Instances sub-tab

- Click on the Hue Server link to view the Hue Server page.

- Click on the "Log Files" drop-down and choose "stderr"


Review the bottom of the log for any stack traces that occur just after you see a line with the following:


lib/hue/build/env/bin/hue migrate --merge


If you do see any error messages or stack traces, share them with us.