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Error when building dataset of Hive Testbench



Im trying to generate and load data into hive tables, through Hive testbench (, but when i do the first step ./tpch-build it gives the following error:

cd target/; mkdir -p lib/; ( jar cvf lib/dbgen.jar tools/ || gjar cvf lib/dbgen.jar tools/ ) /bin/sh: jar: command not found /bin/sh: gjar: command not found make: *** [target/lib/dbgen.jar] Error 127

i already tried to download the and place it manually like someone sugest in this post

When i check the target/lib directory the dbgen.jar is not present i dont know why...

Does anyone have some sugestion why is this happening?Thanks


New Contributor

Ran into the same issue, install patch firstly.

`yum install patch`

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