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Error when deploying Tensorflow model in metron


I followed the instructions in the GitHub Metron MaaS read me and was able to deploy the model . Now i am trying to deploy the machine learning model in metron. In my folder , i have which calls a python file which expose the rest endpoint. I am calling another python class and using model.pkl. when i execute file it is starting the flask rest application. But when i deploy via Yarn , i am getting timed out. It is not able to import another python class. I tried with both relative and absolute path.I could see all the files inhdfs .but rest end point is not working.can someone please help ..

19/12/09 20:03:40 INFO impl.NMClientAsyncImpl: Processing Event EventType: QUERY_CONTAINER for Container container_e14_1575839541200_0017_01_000002
19/12/09 20:03:40 INFO impl.ContainerManagementProtocolProxy: Opening proxy : localhost.localdomain:45454
19/12/09 20:04:14 ERROR service.ApplicationMaster