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Error when reading individual json files





I get this warning when reading individual JSON files "WARN datasources.DataSource: Error while looking for metadata directory"


I don't get the error if reading whole directories instead of individual files.  


I found this article which stats that a config moved from a hive configuration to a spark configuration in Spark 2. (


I tried to submit my job as "sparksubmit --conf  spark.sql.warehouse.dir=/user/hive/warehouse" but this does not cause the error to stop. (also tried hdfs://server-name/user/hive/warehouse)


I verified that /use/hive/warehouse exits in hdfs and is world writeable. 


According to the referenced article, the spark.sql.warehouse.dir variable is supposed to be set in spark-defaults.conf. 


1. I am not sure how to set that through the Cloudera Manager. 

2. From what I have read, the "--conf " argument to spark-submit should do basically the same thing so I am not sure if setting the variable would work even if I knew how to set it through CDH Manager. 


Thanks in advance!