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Error while "Specify hosts for your CDH cluster installation." step

Error while "Specify hosts for your CDH cluster installation." step

New Contributor



I am new with Cloudera environment. 


I am using Mac and followed below steps


1. Install Virtulbox and setup VM with Ubuntu 16


2. Download Cloudera manager from below link



3. While i am installing Cloudera manager, I am stuck at the below page

Specify hosts for your CDH cluster installation.



I grab private IP address of Ubuntu by giving command below command 

hostname -I


I used that IP address in "New Search" button of the screen screen but then it shows me message that " Could not connect to host."


Has anyone tried installing Cloudera manager using VM and faced this issue?

what IP address/hostname should i try?

do I need to setup SSH ?


Please note port 7180 has been configured for port forwarding and I can see the screen but stuck at the step of specify host screen

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