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Error while running Hive queries

Error while running Hive queries



I am running a query in Hive from Hue. When running a query "select * from abc", I get the results.

However when I run a query "select count(*) from abc", I get an error

"Error while processing statement: FAILED: Execution Error, return code 1 from"

It seems, it is not able to run MapReduce tasks.


Any settings which need to be examined for this?




Re: Error while running Hive queries

On further analysis, we found that the error actually related to memory -


InvalidResourceRequestException Invalid resource request,
requested memory < 0, or requested memory > max configured,
requestedMemory=5120, maxMemory=1024


We looked through various sites and changed the Yarn configuration at 2 places - 


Cloudera Manager --> Yarn --> Configuration

1) Search for "yarn-site"

At the Yarn Service Advanced Configuration Snippet, add a safety valve as follows



2) Search for "yarn_nodemanager_resource"

Change Container Memory at both places to default value of 8 GB


We restarted the cluster and deployed the new configuration and Hive queries started running from command line interface.


However, I am unable to run them through Hue. Get an error "Unmanageable server error occured: undefined". Not sure if the above changes are the cause of this error.


Any inputs?


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