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Error while running hive support on Spark

Error while running hive support on Spark


Hello i am trying use Hive with spark but when i try executing, it shows this error

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unable to instantiate SparkSession with Hive support because Hive classes are not found.

This is my source code


package com.spark.hiveconnect


import org.apache.spark.sql.{Row, SaveMode, SparkSession}

object sourceToHIve {
case class Record(key: Int, value: String)
def main(args: Array[String]){
val warehouseLocation = new File("spark-warehouse").getAbsolutePath

val spark = SparkSession
.appName("Spark Hive Example")
.config("spark.sql.warehouse.dir", warehouseLocation)

import spark.implicits._
import spark.sql

sql("CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS src (key INT, value STRING) USING hive")
sql("LOAD DATA LOCAL INPATH '/usr/local/spark3/examples/src/main/resources/kv1.txt' INTO TABLE src")
sql("SELECT * FROM src").show()



 This is my build.sbt file.

name := "SparkHive"

version := "0.1"

scalaVersion := "2.12.10"

libraryDependencies += "org.apache.spark" %% "spark-core" % "2.4.5"
libraryDependencies += "org.apache.spark" %% "spark-sql" % "2.4.5"

And i also have hive running in the console.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thank You.

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