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Error while starting Cloudera Manager after reinstall

Error while starting Cloudera Manager after reinstall

New Contributor

Hello everyone, I hope you can help me with this. I tried to install CM but after a few turning points at the User Credentials for the cluster stage it just halted. So I killed all the processes, and because I didn't know how to start the server again I simply unistalled everything via the uninstall script in the /usr/share/cmf directory. The problem is that after reinstalling, the server won't start at all, so I can't access to the Cloudera Manager to finish my reinstall.


After searching my logs, the error happnes right after the following lines


2015-02-13 11:48:17,422  INFO [main:core.QuartzScheduler@238] Quartz Scheduler v.2.0.2 created.
2015-02-13 11:48:17,424  INFO [main:simpl.RAMJobStore@154] RAMJobStore initialized.
2015-02-13 11:48:17,427  INFO [main:core.QuartzScheduler@259] Scheduler meta-data: Quartz Scheduler (v2.0.2) 'com.cloudera.cmf.scheduler-1' with instanceId 'NON_CLUSTERED'
  Scheduler class: 'org.quartz.core.QuartzScheduler' - running locally.
  Currently in standby mode.
  Number of jobs executed: 0
  Using thread pool 'org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool' - with 1 threads.
  Using job-store 'org.quartz.simpl.RAMJobStore' - which does not support persistence. and is not clustered.

2015-02-13 11:48:17,428  INFO [main:impl.StdSchedulerFactory@1288] Quartz scheduler 'com.cloudera.cmf.scheduler-1' initialized from an externally provided properties instance.
2015-02-13 11:48:17,428  INFO [main:impl.StdSchedulerFactory@1292] Quartz scheduler version: 2.0.2
2015-02-13 11:48:17,481  INFO [main:scheduler.CmfScheduler@301] Added command schedule '1' to the scheduler
2015-02-13 11:48:17,521  INFO [main:cdhclient.CdhExecutorFactory@110] Adding options to bad options list: 
2015-02-13 11:48:19,798  INFO [main:components.PythonInterpreterFactory@38] Constructing Python interpreter
2015-02-13 11:48:22,398  INFO [main:components.PythonInterpreterFactory@45] Finished constructing Python interpreter
2015-02-13 11:48:22,420  INFO [main:components.JythonObjectFactoryImpl@53] Constructing Jython object factory
2015-02-13 11:48:28,670  INFO [MainThread:components.JythonObjectFactoryImpl@66] Finished constructing Jython object factory

 In my error log shows the following:

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space
Dumping heap to java_pid26146.hprof ...
Unable to create java_pid26146.hprof: Permission denied
# java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space
# -XX:OnOutOfMemoryError="kill -9 %p"
#   Executing /bin/sh -c "kill -9 26146"...

 I've increased the PermGen memory by adding the following line at the begining of the file /usr/share/cmf/bin/cmf-server

CMF_OPTS = "$CMF_OPTS -XX:MaxPermSize=2048M"

And although the server wouldn't die with an OutOfMemoryError, it never budged from that point nor the http worked.


I've uploaded the heapdump here.


Re: Error while starting Cloudera Manager after reinstall

Are you starting the service using "service cloudera-scm-server
restart" or some other method? What do you see
/var/log/cloudera-scm-server/cloudera-scm-server.log ?

Gautam Gopalakrishnan

Re: Error while starting Cloudera Manager after reinstall

New Contributor



Thanks for replying!


This is what happens after every restart.

fmartinez-Lenovo-G480 fmartinez # service cloudera-scm-server restart
Stopping cloudera-scm-server: /sbin/start-stop-daemon: warning: failed to kill 26704: No such process
 * cloudera-scm-server stopped
Starting cloudera-scm-server:  * cloudera-scm-server started

 I restart whenever I see I cannot access through the port. Also, my logs get very big. I have uploaded the log file here. But the last part of it is just what it says in my first post. It ends there.


Thanks, in advance.

Kind regards,


Re: Error while starting Cloudera Manager after reinstall

Strange that Cloudera Manager just dies without any error message. I see
your JAVA_HOME is set as


Are you able to use a different JVM. If you have installed Cloudera Manager
using the documented procedures, you'd have another JVM under
/usr/java/jdk1.7.0_67-cloudera which the CM start scripts will auto-detect.
You can simply "unser JAVA_HOME" and try starting Cloudera Manager

Gautam Gopalakrishnan

Re: Error while starting Cloudera Manager after reinstall

New Contributor

I've tried to point Cloudera to that directory, but it just doesn't exists. The first time I installed CM, it installed it's own Java. But since I deleted that directory the first time to try to reinstall it, it just doesn't install it anymore.


I think the reason why CM dies without any message is because it's JVM that is dieing with an OutOfMemoryException.


Is there any hidden file that flags to make a partial installation or something like that? Any temporary file?  Or is there any command to force CM to try to make a fresh install and overwirte anything in its path?