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Escape Characters in Workflow Manager command

New Contributor

The following command works fine in a shell:

sqoop import -username hvtest -password hvtest -connect jdbc:sap://testserver:30215/'?currentschema=SAP&encrypt=true' -driver -hive-import -target-dir /home/hvtest/ -delete-target-dir -hive-database hvtest -hive-table test01 -query "SELECT * FROM \"/BIC/HVTEST\" WHERE \$CONDITIONS"

However, when I try to run this in Workflow Manager, I get the following error message when saving:

Error occurred while saving workflow Expected EOF at line 1 column 15

After some further testing, it seems that the reason is the & sign in the URL (maybe other subsequent errors as well).
However, escaping this with URL encoding (%26) or backslash will also not work.

What is the correct escaping to be used in Workflow Manager?