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Evaluating Minifi

I am working on NiFi, where in I pull streaming data from UNIX servers and it works fine for me. Now we are planning to evaluate Minifi . I have gone through this link

In our case if I create a nifi processor group to pull data from UNIX server and convert it to *.yml format, do I have to deploy this *.yml file on the UNIX server from where I am pulling the data? or is there any other way of using Minifi to pull data from UNIX server?


Hi Akash,

Minifi runs as a small process on that server and sends data, e.g. to a larger NiFi cluster over the site-to-site protocol. The toolkit takes care of converting a template you create visually in NiFi into something that MiNiFi understands.

How and what kind of data do you pull? It will define if you need to run the minifi process on that server or can just run it somewhere and have multiple servers send data to it.

Super Collaborator

In your case, you need to setup MiNiFi on the unix server(where the data you need to pull resides). Create a NiFi flow in your canvas and export it as a template. Use this template to create the YML file and then run your MiNiFi flow. In the MiNiFi flow, if you are using the site-to-site, ensure the permissions to receive data via s2s is set. Also add any security specific details in the YML file, like the keytab, passwords etc. And the url in your question, is the perfect start.

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