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Exception on Creating Kudu table mapping in Impala

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I created a Kudu table via the KuduContext, and creation was successful. I copied the CREATE TABLE statement from the Kudu UI and tried to execute it on the Impala shell. However, it complains of "invalid table/name". Here is the error:


Query: create EXTERNAL TABLE `app_db.sg_test17110117` STORED AS KUDU
'kudu.table_name' = 'app_db.sg_test17110117',
'kudu.master_addresses' = '')
ERROR: AnalysisException: Invalid table/view name: app_db.sg_test17110117


Can anyone throw more light on this error, and any workarounds, please?








Impala uses Hive metastore validators, and those do not allow a table to have a dot (i.e. '.' symbol) it name of a table.  Usually, the prefix before the dot stands for a database name.


Kudu allows table names to have a dot in the name, and that's because it does not support a concept of a database yet.  That may change in future, though.


As a workaround, don't add dots into the names of your Kudu tables.

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@Alexey1c: Thanks for your reply. The string before the “.” Is in fact the database name. I contected Cloudera Support and they confirmed that the CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE statement on the Kudu UI is erroneous.
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