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Execute Pig script inside pig script

Execute Pig script inside pig script

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Question on pig exec command:

I am executing a pig script inside a pig script. The outer pig script is executed in tez mode, will the pig script script executed using exec command also run in tez mode?

Will the entire script run using exec command be executed in single vertex? will there be any difference in the DAG created for the inner script called using exec compared to if it had been run directly? because my pig scirpt was getting aborted because of max counters (I posted that question here:

This script aborts when run from oozie. But the same script I tried to execute using exec statement inside another pig script with the same settings, it is executed without any issues. What is the difference?


Re: Execute Pig script inside pig script

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@R M tez is the execution engine. at run time you can set the execution for your pig script:

set exectype=tez;