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Export data with null values using Sqoop2

Export data with null values using Sqoop2



I want to export data from HDFS using Sqoop2 with Null values.


I get error messages when I use true (as mentioned below), 'true' or 1 (for true since it is a boolean field) for "Override null value". Furthermore, I am also not sure what I have to put in for the "Null value". In the HDFS file (textfile) the Null value is represented by \N. I tried different values for that, including \N, '\N', NULL, 'NULL', N and 'N' but nothing worked.


Name: Test


From Job configuration

Input directory: /mnt/cloudera/hadoop/user/hive/warehouse/test_tbl
Override null value: true
Null value: N


To database configuration

Schema name: Hadoop_Test
Table name: Hadoop_Test_Tbl
Table SQL statement:
Table column names:
Stage table name:
Should clear stage table:


Throttling resources




Can anybody help me with this?