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FAILED TO START HIVE SERVER2 Illegal character in path at index



I am unable to start hiveserver2 in my cluster. I checked the hs2.log file and found the following exception.

2017-02-14 23:10:24,479 ERROR [Thread-24]: util.PolicyRefresher ( - PolicyRefresher(serviceName=xxx): failed to refresh policies. Will continue to use last known version of policies (-1)
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal character in path at index 0: {{policymgr_mgr_url}}/service/plugins/secure/policies/download/OOZIE-CLUSTER


Can you check your ranger configuration whether Ranger Admin URL is correct?

Cloudera Employee

Hi @zhixun he

From what I've seen, you can work around issues with {{policymgr_mgr_url}} by copying the Ranger's External URL field into these values. You may need to do this for all plugins reporting the issue.