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Failed 5.3 update has left the cluster in limbo

Failed 5.3 update has left the cluster in limbo


Good Afternoon, 


We have run into some issues after a failed attempt to update our cluster from 5.1 -- 5.3, and are unsure how to proceed.   We downloaded and distributed the 5.3.0-1.cdh5.3.0.p0.30 parcel.  after following the directions, stopped all of the cluster services, Ran through the upgarde wizard, but we had some network connectivity issues, and the installation failed. I wasn't able to get the failed process to work, so we attempted to roll back to the original 5.1.  Now, we are unable to get our HDFS services to start on the data nodes.  We are getting the following error in the scm-manager log(WARN [New I/O  worker #2:cmf.HeartbeatRequester@280] Unexpected status code from agent ausw-cled-d002: 403), and the attempt to start the services ultimately timesout.  We looked at just attempting the upgrade again, as it is assumed that we have a versiom mistmatch here, but we can't do that either because the update process now thorws an error(Error when distributing to ausw-cled-d002 : Host is in bad health.), because the node has been out of contact with the manager for too long.   Anyone have any suggestions, on how we can get this fixed???




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