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Failed to add / synchronize LDAP user as super administrator when integrating openldap with hue

New Contributor

I'm doing hue integration openldap. Before hue configures openldap, I've done hive integration openldap and impala integration openldap. However, after hue configures openldap, I choose the mode as "AllowFirstUserDjangoBackend" and log in to hue for the first time to synchronize the users in openldap as the super administrator of hue. The error information is as follows:


There was an error when communicating with LDAP: {'info': 'unsupported extended operation', 'desc': 'Protocol error'}


I see that this is an error in connecting to openldap. The problem is a protocol error.

The protocol referred to here is TLS ??


If it's not a TLS problem or there are other misconfigurations I didn't notice, please help me point them out. Thank you very much!!

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