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Failed to finalize INodeFile


Failed to finalize INodeFile


We are decommissioning a node, and are stuck with 1 underreplicated block. I checked the metasave report and notcied:

Metasave: Blocks waiting for replication: 1
/ranger/audit/hdfs/20170510/hdfs_ranger_audit_<HOST>.log: blk_1286524956_212825612 (replicas: l: 1 d: 0 c: 0 e: 0) :
Mis-replicated blocks that have been postponed:
Metasave: Blocks being replicated: 0
Metasave: Blocks 0 waiting deletion from 0 datanodes.
Corrupt Blocks:
Metasave: Number of datanodes: 10

datanode log

org.apache.hadoop.ipc.RemoteException(java.lang.IllegalStateException): Failed to finalize INodeFile hdfs_ranger_audit_<HOST>.log since blocks[12] is non-complete, where blocks=[blk_1286247594_212548250, blk_1286298049_212598705, blk_1286353635_212654291, blk_1286413312_212713968, blk_1286472213_212772869, blk_1286524956_212825612, blk_1286561059_212861715, blk_1286595257_212895934, blk_1286644160_212944837, blk_1286688727_212989404, blk_1286741896_213042573, blk_1286799222_213099899, blk_1286859599_233271569{UCState=COMMITTED, truncateBlock=null, primaryNodeIndex=0, replicas=[ReplicaUC[[DISK]DS-cd007f20-570b-4768-afd9-d2dbd92d3c7e:NORMAL:|RBW]]}].

I pulled up several bug reports, such as, but we are having trouble solving this issue. Has anyone gotten this?

HDP version: 2.6.0


Re: Failed to finalize INodeFile

Rising Star
@Michael DeGuzis

we have customer hit a similar issue and a hotfix with HDFS-11499 solved the problem.

The fix has been back ported to HDP 2.6.1.

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