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Failed to format namenode

Failed to format namenode

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I'm a newcommer. 


When I first added HDFS to my cluster, "Failed to format namenode" error occured. For details, cloudera can not find information in /var/log/hadoop-hdfs/hadoop-cmf-hdfs-NAMENODE-redhat-test-02.log.out. I also cannot find this file in this folder. Does anyone know the solution? Thank you!






Re: Failed to format namenode

Community Manager

I'll let others who are more well versed than me respond, but in the meantime, perhaps this thread will be of assistance. 


Failed to format NameNode. Program: hdfs/

Cy Jervis, Manager, Community Program

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Re: Failed to format namenode

Expert Contributor

Hello Lyuwei,


At first look, it seems to be a permission issue. Can you please check if /var/log/hadoop-hdfs as writable access for hdfs? Also, check & share permission for name node meta directory (i.e. value of


Warm Regards.

Re: Failed to format namenode

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How do you do that?

Re: Failed to format namenode

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This is a very old thread. 


I recommend you start a thread and explain what you are doing and what problem you encounter.  Please include a screen shot of the error if you are seeing something similar so we can understand more clearly how to assist.