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Failed to rceive heartbeat (AttributeError: 'Agent' object has no attribute 'master_port')


Failed to rceive heartbeat (AttributeError: 'Agent' object has no attribute 'master_port')




I'm trying to install a Cluster (CDH 5.3) using CM-Wizard.

I got the following erroe message:


 ( self.log_heartbeat_exception("Heartbeating to %s:%s failed.)

AttributeError: 'Agent' object has no attribute 'master_port'



Do you have an idea or a solution to solve this issue?


Thanks and Regards,



Re: Failed to rceive heartbeat (AttributeError: 'Agent' object has no attribute 'master_port')


If you receive this message, chances are that you have not specified the port in your agent configuration.


In file /etc/cloudera-scm-agent/config.ini you should have the following line:



server_host=Cloudera Manager host name or ip goes here



The bolded line is likely missing.


If it's there, there are numerous rather obscure things that might be wrong.


  • Automated installers like Chef might occasionally overwrite the file, deleting that line
  • Your installation might be configured to read from a different file
  • Due to a typo, you might be looking at the wrong config.ini
  • You might have failed to restart the agent since the file was updated

Sometimes a combination of these can cause what looks like an impossible situation.