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Failed to start Services (HDFS , YARN , MAPPREEDUCE2 , HIVE , HBASE ...) after a successufull Instalation of HDP- and ambari on a 4 hosts CLUSTER

Hello, I just installed HDP- and amber, while creating my cluster with the ambari wizard, I chose the 3.1.0 version knowing that my VM's are running on Ubuntu 16.04.
The installation is successfully done, but warning shows up showing that services can't start!
here an example of during installation:


and a little bit after:

After complete with the wizard I tried to start manually those services (data, node in one of my hosts, for example, and it work for seconds before turning off).
Can anyone help?


Thank You @Bill Brooks

Hi @Vinay , @Geoffrey Shelton Okot,
Any updates or solutions for this problem ?
Thank You