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Failing session in Nifi on failure

Can anyone please tell me how to fail the session in Nifi whenever there is a failue or how to fail the session whenever there is any bad record...?


Super Guru

Are you writing a custom processor or using a scripting processor (ExecuteScript, e.g.) or just the standard NiFi components?

Master Guru

@rajat puchnanda

Could you please elaborate on what you mean by "session in NiFi"?

Super Guru

@rajat puchnanda If there is a bad record, why not simply divert it to another process which will self terminate. For example if bad record is found, use route text and persist that record to object store/hdfs. Or if you don't want to store it, route text can do processing on records which satisfy a good record heuristics

Hi @Matt Clarke,

By session i meant the whole process. How can i stop the flow whenever there is a failure..?

@Matt Burges:- standard Nifi components.

Hi @sunile.manjee,

Not only record, any failure either becouse of the properties defined or any kind of failure.

like whenever there is a failure the whole flow should terminate.