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Failure to insert overwrite to a AWS S3 base external orc Hive table

New Contributor

I have a internal hive table that gets backed up to an external table on s3 on daily basis using daily date based partition.

For one particular day it keeps failing with the S3 error show in the attachment.


Below are the parameters setup in the hql file

set hive.execution.engine=mr; set hive.default.fileformat=Orc; set hive.exec.orc.default.compress=SNAPPY; set hive.exec.copyfile.maxsize=1099511627776; set hive.warehouse.subdir.inherit.perms=false; set hive.metastore.pre.event.listeners=; set hive.stats.fetch.partition.stats=false; set hive.exec.dynamic.partition.mode=nonstrict; set hive.exec.dynamic.partition=true; set fs.trash.interval=0; set fs.s3.buffer.dir=/tmp/s3a; set fs.s3a.attempts.maximum=50; set fs.s3a.connection.establish.timeout=120000; set fs.s3a.connection.timeout=120000; set; set; set fs.s3a.multiobjectdelete.enable=true; set; set fs.s3a.threads.core=30; set fs.s3a.threads.max=512; set fs.s3a.connection.maximum=30; set; set fs.s3a.threads.keepalivetime=120;