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Falcon Cluster Sync

Does Falcon Mirror Provides below requirements?
  • Easily configurable to allow for multiple datasets (Some datasets are more than 1TB in size)
  • Support multiple streams of data processing
  • Includes alerting for job failures
  • Includes validation that data has been copied successfully. (Data should reconcile back to source)
  • Support full and delta copies
  • Support dynamic changes in the structure on source without requiring manual intervention on target
  • Target data should always be available even during refresh/sync
  • Need optimal data transfer speeds due to the volume of data
  • Ideal solution would include near real time data sync (15 minutes)

Rising Star

The Data Movement and Integration guide might answer some of your questions. In particular, Chapter 5 "Considerations for Using Falcon" and the Important Considerations in Chapter 10, "Mirroring Data with HiveDR in a Secure Environment".

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