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Falcon deleet process force

Falcon deleet process force


Hi All,

I have done recent change in new cluster definition instead of ip i have added hostname and i have submitted successfully.

and i can able to submit process without any issues.

but while deleting the submitted process i am seeing the below error.

how to remove this forcely? from where i am getting the below values? can some one explain and guide me to resolve this issues.

 ERROR: Bad Request;default/org.apache.falcon.FalconWebException::org.apache.falcon.FalconException: Wrong FS: hdfs://xx.xx.xx.xx:8020/apps/falcon/dev-cluster/staging/falcon/workflows/process/edmhdpif-oozie-esedlydev-all/ce15050789e5d76a9fd0a121e79ec98c_1479221904774, expected: hdfs://DEV2:8020 

Re: Falcon deleet process force

Cloudera Employee

Use Falcon Cli to kill any running process.

To find the status: falcon instance -type process -name NAME_OF_YOUR_PROCESS -status

To kill the process : falcon instance -type process -name NAME_OF_YOUR_PROCESS -kill

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