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Falcon hdfs mirroring not working

Falcon hdfs mirroring not working


I am trying to mirror between two clusters.

I followed this document which I think only mirrors between same cluster :

But for some reason the replication is not going through.

Some initial questions are :

1. After creating a Falcon Cluster, how do we view it(s) definition? I had created two falcon clusters - one for the primary and another for the target. I would like to see the information falcon holds for them.

2. After creating the Falcon job, I am not able to see its definition. How to view that?

3. After executing a Falcon job how do we check the logs to see what it did and where it failed?

Appreciate the feedback.


Re: Falcon hdfs mirroring not working


I pretty much followed what has been given in chapter 11 and 12 under :

Except the one difference as I noted earlier was that I tried to replicate between two different clusters.

Re: Falcon hdfs mirroring not working

Rising Star

Check the documentation at There's additional information in the guide. In particular, see "Locating and Managing Entities" in ch 11 and "Falcon logs" in ch 15.