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Falcon job failing with "variable [inputFeed] cannot be resolved" even though this has been declared


Hi all,

I'm trying to schedule a job using falcon which will run everytime a new partition is created in Hive, this part appears to be working, however whenever it runs it complains that it is unable to find a variable despite this variable having been declared in the code below

variable [inputFeedCCTM] cannot be resolved
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<process name="processLink" xmlns="uri:falcon:process:0.1">
        <cluster name="cluster">
           <validity start="2016-07-16T09:00Z" end="2033-01-13T20:00Z"/>
        <input name="inputFeedLink" feed="feedInLink" start="yesterday(0,0)" end="yesterday(0,0)"/>
        <input name="inputFeedLink2" feed="feedInLink2" start="yesterday(0,0)" end="yesterday(0,0)"/>
        <input name="inputFeedLink3" feed="feedInLink3" start="yesterday(0,0)" end="yesterday(0,0)"/>
<!--    <outputs>
        <output name="outputFeed" feed="feedOutLink" instance="yesterday(0,0)"/>
        <property name="table" value="linked"/>
        <property name="appPath" value="/path"/>
        <property name="workflowAppPath" value="/wfPath"/>
    <workflow name="falcon-wf" version="5.0"  engine="oozie" path="/path/workflow"/>
    <retry attempts="2" delay="hours(1)" policy="exp-backoff"/>
    <ACL owner="Owner" group="hadoop" permission="0x775"/>

In the Oozie workflow the variable is being referenced first inside a shell action like so


Any help is much appreciated





I can't find the declaration of the variable "inputFeedCCTM" in your process definition. Could you also attach your feed definition and oozie workflow?