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Feed failed to ReleaseHighWaterMark; what to do?

Feed failed to ReleaseHighWaterMark; what to do?

New Contributor


I have a running feed that has loaded the HighWaterMark but I have failed to route one of the errors to ReleaseHighWaterMark; instead I dropped the failed flow. Now, my subsequent flowfiles are stuck at the LoadHighWaterMark processor (as expected). What is the strategy that I can use to rectify the error here?

I have tried deleting the HighWaterMark through an API call hoping that it will detect that there is no HighWaterMark and then create a new HighWaterMark, but it does not work.

I tried changing the name of the HighWaterMark, which works but the solution is not feasible because I will be releasing all the HighWaterMark in my reusable template, so the name of all the HighWaterMarks should be the same.

I'm really stuck in this problem and I hope someone has the solution to this.

Thank you in advance.