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File Source User Group Sync process

File Source User Group Sync process


We have configured Ranger User Sync process to read users and group information from a text file with CSV File Format e.g. UserGroupSyncFile.txt "user21","group20","group218","group26","group27","group262","group242","group219","group23" "user22","group20","group218","group26" "user23", "user24","group20","group218"

To modify a user and the groups they belong to, is there also a command at the group level, where you can specify a file and have the group name and all of the members the belong to that group? (ie: "group-name", "user-1", "user-2", "user-3" )


Re: File Source User Group Sync process

@Harini Yadav Currently only the structure you specified above is supported. In case you need to change the groups for the user, you can run the file sync again with a modified file.

CC @Ramesh Mani and @spolavarapu for additional insight

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