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Filtering out deleted tables in tag rest api

Currently I am using the following rest api to get list of guids of tables associated with a tag


This api returns guid of tables along with their status as DELETED or ACTIVE. I wish to retrieve only the tables with status ACTIVE. Is it possible somehow?


@Poorvi Sachar

Currently there is no support for fetching the entities based on their status via REST API. DSL support is limited as of HDP-2.5. Please check below link for the REST API documentation.

The same can be achieved using some python wrapper on top of dsl query.

@Ayub Khan

I need to display only the ACTIVE tables in Atlas UI and hence was planning on updating the query in javascript for the same. Is there some other way if this could be achieved or else how do I delete the entries of these deleted tables from the database so that they are not fetched at all including deleting all their associations as well. Is there some documentation for Atlas database structure or something related to this which could help me delete the entries of these deleted tables from the database as well as solr.

Also if writing a python wrapper is more appropriate rather than deleting the 'deleted tables' entries from atlas db then could you please point me to some link explaining how it can be done.

Will this python wrapper be written to intercept the api calls?

Expert Contributor

@Poorvi Sachar

you can retrieve table with tag name using query "tagname"

and ACTIVE entity using

hive_table where __state="ACTIVE"

There is no support currently to combine these 2 queries.

You can combine queries like :

hive_table where name="t1" and __state="ACTIVE" which retrieves the ACTIVE hive_tables with name t1

but there is no current support for ACTIVE tables tagged with tagname.

is there a way by which I could delete all these deleted table entries from titan so they are not retrieved at all

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