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Flume and md5 or sha from event body

Flume and md5 or sha from event body




I use CDH 5.10 and I have set tiered Flume architecture with Kafka as message broker.

I wanted to set in flume headers md5 or sha diggest from event body. 
I saw that in earlier versions there was something like "Flume Sink Decorator Catalog" which had diges method:

digest("algorithm","attr", base64="boolean")

The digest decorator calculates a message digest of the event body and writes this value (as bytes) to the attr attribute. The valid algorithms are those valid for and includes MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384 and SHA-512. It can optionally base64 encode the digest value (defaults to false).


Now I in Flume 1.7 in CDH or in 1.8 I don't see any possibility to do this.


How can I put body digest into the Flume event?


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