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Flume exec tail -f date on apache log


I'm trying to setup a flume source using the exec type and using tail -F on a log file that will be date stamped. The docs indicate typical unix commands would work, but this is not working at all.


agent.sources.apache.command = tail -F /usr/local/apache/localhost/logs/access_log.`date +%Y%m%d`


If I use "tail -F /usr/local/apache/localhost/logs/access_log.`date +%Y%m%d`" at the shell it works perfectly, but used inside the flume.conf for this source, I get nothing.


Is there a way to use the unix date formatting in the source definition in flume.conf?


Expert Contributor

currently, the answer is NO.


we have modified the source code to support variable in flume.conf and re-compile then it's ok now.