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Flume stops at initialisation

Flume stops at initialisation

New Contributor

a1.channels = ch-1

a1.sources = src-1

a1.sinks = snk-1

a1.sources.src-1.type = spooldir

a1.sources.src-1.channels = ch-1

a1.sources.src-1.spoolDir = flume_data/weblogs_1.txt

a1.sources.src-1.fileHeader = false

a1.sinks.snk-1.type = avro

a1.sinks.snk-1.channels = ch-1

a1.sinks.k1.port = 4545 memory


Re: Flume stops at initialisation

Expert Contributor

Whats the error you see in flume agent logs? can you attach the whole log file?