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GETHDFS Permission issue

I am using GETHDFS processor to read the file. I get permission issue as shown in the screenshot.I have given 777 permission to the file but still get the error. Can you please me where i need to give the permission




It's a normal, cause' you don't have access ownership & permission of that path.

The path, /tmp/ambari-qa, ownership & permission is ambari:hdfs:700.

That means is only access to the path by ambari-qa user include a sub-path (staging).

So you have to access another user such as nifi, you should acquire ambari-qa ownership or hdfs ownership not group.

I'm not recommend to change ownership or permission /tmp/../path, but if you using with only nifi user necessarily, then change the permission "755" of the path "/tmp/ambari-qa" and a sub-path by hdfs user or ambari-qa user.