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Gather information of hive table metrics

New Contributor

HI, I am working on Hadoop framework/technologies with Hive, Ambari, Ranger and planning to create a dashboard, which provides following information :

-Execution time of a Hive query.

-Size of data generated by the created table.

-Frequency of using each hive schema, table and each column of respective table.

-User/ Application name or ID firing any query

-Resources usage of each application /User.

For now, I am trying to use HiveMetastore and Ranger audit logs to access the above mentioned information. Is there any other better way to fetch the information above ? Kindly let me know, if I need to provide any more information.


Expert Contributor

The database agnostic high-level model to go over metadata is the hive meta tool.

HIVE_CONF_DIR=/etc/hive/conf/conf.server/ hive --service metatool -executeJDOQL "select name from org.apache.hadoop.hive.metastore.model.MDatabase"

HIVE_CONF_DIR=/etc/hive/conf/conf.server/ hive --service metatool -executeJDOQL "select + '.' + tableName from org.apache.hadoop.hive.metastore.model.MTable"

You can find the ORM data layouts here