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Generate the cluster dynamic blueprint: blueprint_dynamic.j2 not found

Generate the cluster dynamic blueprint: blueprint_dynamic.j2 not found

New Contributor

I'm currently trying to set up an Ambari Hortonworks cluster with Ansible, using the provided playbooks here:

I manage to run through all the steps well enough, except for generating 'blueprint_dynamic.j2'. As I understand it, that blueprint should get generated by the ambari-hortonworks role, from the variables set in groupvars/all. I'm running the playbook "apply_blueprint.yml", which has a task where it calls that role and 'Generate the cluster dynamic blueprint'.

Except this task always fails (see below)

This failure happens when the file 'blueprint_dynamic.j2' doesn't exist. If I provide it with such a file (e.g. a blueprint exported from an existing cluster), then it happily continues and fails later when it tries to make sense of the blueprint.

I thought the point of this step was to dynamically generate the blueprint though, if no dynamic blueprint file existed. Am I missing some preliminary step? Am I running the wrong playbook / role?

Please help.

TASK [ambari-blueprint : Generate the cluster dynamic blueprint] ********************************************
 [WARNING]: Unable to find 'blueprint_dynamic.j2' in expected paths.

fatal: []: FAILED! => {"msg": "An unhandled exception occurred while running the lookup plugin 'template'. Error was a <class 'ansible.errors.AnsibleError'>, original message: the template file blueprint_dynamic.j2 could not be found for the lookup"}