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GeoIP enrichment Clustered NiFi

GeoIP enrichment Clustered NiFi

New Contributor

Hi. I want to setup GeoIP enrichment using Maxmind DB and IPLookup Controller Service.

The thing is, my NiFi is in clustered mode. I have 3 nodes to be specific. From what I understand, you need to specify the location of Maxmind DB file in the IPLookup Controller Service configuration. Therefore, the Maxmind DB file should be stored in all nodes.

Can I add a remote path (HDFS, FTP) in the IPLookup Controller Service's configuration? If NO, what is the best approach to put the Maxmind DB files in all of the nodes? My idea is to download the DB files once, using the primary node, and PUT them in all of the nodes, however that won't work as the Flowfile with which contains the downloaded DB file is only in primary node and passing them to a processor that is set to run on all of the nodes makes no sense as the processor will only run in the node where the incoming Flowfile is.

What would be the best approach in my case? Thank you!