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Get IoT data with HDF/NiFi


Get IoT data with HDF/NiFi

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I don't know so much about IoT and data ingestion solutions and I have this use case:

- Several hubs accross the world

- Several sensors are located in each hub

- I'd like to collect the data given by these sensors and process it later

What is the best solution to get this data ?

Is the MiNiFi a good solution and how it works ?

Thanks a lot !


Re: Get IoT data with HDF/NiFi


Hi @Mehdi El Hajami,

A NiFi web would probably be a good solution for this problem. You could have NiFi installed on all the hubs, reading the sensor data and sending to a central NiFi instance which then stores the data for future processing. If the hubs can't read the sensor data directly you could have the web extend out one more layer to send from sensor -> hub -> central

A good use for minifi would be if the 'hubs' or 'sensors' are too resource constrained to run full NiFi.

Thats a fairly general reply but the solution depends mainly on what you mean by 'hubs' and 'sensors'. Could you clarify?

Hope that helps!



Re: Get IoT data with HDF/NiFi

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Thanks a lot for your quick answer @Sebastian Carroll !

The hubs that I talk about are cities containing or not Information Systems. The sensors give information like temperature. Dozens of sensors are located on those cities. I'd like to ingest all this data. I thought that the first thing to do is to aggregate all the data given by sensors in a cloud located on each "hub" and then carry the data to a unique platform: sensors => cloud hub => unique plateform.

So, your suggestion is to have a NiFi "edge" on each hub then do site-to-site with a centralized NiFi ?

I'm curious about Minifi because I think that it's really difficult to deploy it on all censors.