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Get client data from hortons

New Contributor

Hi i am a developer, my client store data in hortonworks and i need to access its data using oauth. Is there any api to do so plz help


Expert Contributor

Hi @Nitish Rai

In the Hortonworks stack only the Knox Gateway ( supports oauth, but this needs to be configured first:

New Contributor

hi @Alexandru Anghel is this configuration to be done on each client side??


Hi @Alexandru Anghel. Is this configuration need to be done on client side ??

Expert Contributor

Hi, yes, Knox is a component part of the stack and needs to be added as a service to the cluster you're connecting to:

And it also needs to be configured for oauth as by default it uses an LDAP as the authentication backend.

Maybe it would be easier to get access to a different endpoint without oauth, like webhdfs or ambari views if a GUI is sufficient.

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