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Getting Cloudera's API outside


Getting Cloudera's API outside

New Contributor

Hi everyone!


First of all, you need to know that I'm new in that stuff. I'm a student and I try to work out a task for my college, so please be patient ;).


My college has a cluster with Cloudera on it. It works fine. Then they wanted me to do some work with Apache Kylin on Cloudera, but they didn't want to give me the access to the cluster - they gave me an access by VNC-Viewer to the computer with the substitute of Cloudera.

I installed Apache Kylin on my substitute, everything was fine, but... when I tried to do something more - I couldn't. My Cloudera has no enough resources for my Kylin - it just die in every bigger than 3 dimensions job.


My teacher find out that I should try with getting an API from Cloudera (that cluster one) to the coumputer with installed Linux and Apache Kylin on it - I will probably could do everything (bigger resources) and not destroy everything ( ;) ). Yhey work on Cloudera Express 5.7.1.

It should looks like this:



 Is there any way to do that? Do I need to get some ports or install something on my Linux computer?

I tried to find it out, but I couldn't. Maybe I just skipped it or whatever...


I would be grateful for any answer and help here. Thanks in advance!