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Getting Null pointer exception while calling UDAF


Getting Null pointer exception while calling UDAF

I am 

I am trying to run the below UDF.



add jar /home/UDF/stats-1.0.jar;

create temporary function diffdates1 as 'com.raj.udaf.UDAFDiffOfDates';

select diffdates1(time,click_date,end_date)  from abc ;




datatypes of three column parameters sent from select query are float,string,string respectively . I am using the same datatypes to match in method from java code.


In Java UDAF file, the below method will be called.


public boolean iterate(float o1, String o2, String o3) {


                                                System.out.println(" printing the first parameter=  " + o1);

                                                System.out.println(" printing the second parameter=  " + o2.toString());

                                                System.out.println(" printing the three parameter=  " + o3.toString());

                                                StringBuilder sb1 =  new StringBuilder();

                                                StringBuilder sb2 = new StringBuilder();

                                                StringBuilder sb3 = new StringBuilder();





                                                return true;






Though , I am giving the same datatypes, but unfortunately null values are sent in to the iterate method as the datatypes are not matching .


Due to above issue, i am getting null pointer exception. I tried a lot but no luck. Please help.