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Getting error when Oozie shell fs action - hdfs file exists or not

Rising Star

I am getting error which i am trying to check if the hdfs directory or not and i am trying check it through oozie fs action and below is the code, however, i am getting error. Appreciate any help on this.


</action> <decision name="deleteFrompraveenPostCondition">


<case to="Export">



<default to="statusLog"/>



--------------------------------- ERROR ----------------------------------------------------------

Encountered "/", expected one of [<INTEGER_LITERAL>, <FLOATING_POINT_LITERAL>, <STRING_LITERAL>, "true", "false", "null", "(", ")", "-", "not", "!", "empty", <IDENTIFIER>]

Appreciate any help on this ......


Master Guru
The path literal for fs:exists must be quoted as a string (with single or double quotes). See usage example at

Also, you cannot use Globbing paths with the exists function, only with move , delete , chmod and chgrp.