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Getting error when running storm topology.

New Contributor


We are following this Tutorial ( to understand basics of HDF . So far we are able to capture real time events sent from Apache NiFi with Apache Kafka. We successfully deployed the storm topology . But , storm throws error on running ( please refer to workerlogerr.txt in the attachments ).

We thought that it was a version dependency problem as tutorial was made months ago and we downloaded latest version of HPF (HDF 3.0.0) . So we updated the pom.xml of "iot-truck-streaming"("iot-truck-streaming" is the folder where we are performing "mvn clean" to build our project ) to match our newer version. Both old and new pom.xml are attached ( please refer pomold.xml and pomnew.xml ). But now error is thrown even during "mvn clean package -DskipTests" ( Please refer to mvnerror.png ).

Please suggest any solution for this problem .

Thnaks 😄