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Getting error while starting time line server.

HDP version 2.5.3.

Amabri version 2.4.1

After installing spark 2.0 getting error while restarting time line server.:-

FATAL applicationhistoryservice.ApplicationHistoryServer ( - Error starting ApplicationHistoryServer java.lang.RuntimeException: No class defined for org.apache.spark.deploy.history.yarn.plugin.SparkATSPlugin



Already gone through following link:-s

But didn't work for me.

Hi @Ashnee Sharma, Were you able to solve the problem? I am getting the same error. and the URL posted isn't working for me as well.


Atul Aggarwal

Expert Contributor

@Ashnee Sharma @Atul Aggarwal

I think the issue is that you didn't have your App timeline server on the same machine as your Resource Manager. I ran into this issue the other day and happened to stumble across this thread. Hope this helps anyone else that runs into it.

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