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Git Tags

Git Tags

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I've noticed Cloudera's Hive/Impala Git repositories does not include new tags for Cloudera 5.14.1 & Cloudera 5.14.2 releases

Is it a change of policy? Up until now we had a tag for each release.


Note: I am not sure if this is the best place for these kind of questions.

If you think another place should be a better fit, I'd be happy if you can guide me to it.


Thanks for the help


Re: Git Tags

Community Manager

Thanks for asking @OriB. I'm reaching out to the release team to look into this for you. So far they have advised;


5.14.1 was a CM only release, so CDH components were not released/tagged. However, in 5.14.2 we released both CM and CDH, so there should be tags for Hive and Impala.


They are looking into it and I will reprt back if I receive any updates. 

Cy Jervis, Manager, Community Program

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