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Google My Business information using Nifi

New Contributor

I am working on the data extract from google my business api. To achieve this there is oauth2 process involved.First we need to get a uri for authorization and the we will get the response , In the response header we will get an url with code and we need to use a post command with that code to get a access token. My question is if i use invokehttpprocessor how can i get the response header back so that i can extract code from it.


Expert Contributor

The response headers all come back as attributes in the FlowFile that goes to the downstream queue. See the following example for more details.

I've made a sample request to a test website on the internet:


I can then view the 'response' queue:


When I view the attributes in the FlowFile, I can get access to all of the HTTP headers that come back with the response:


; ;