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Gradient map in Hue 4


Gradient map in Hue 4




I use the Cloudera Search (I use Hue 4)

and I am connected to a solr collection that contains these fields:


id  (type string) ;

name (type string);

surname (type string)

latitude (type double)

longitude (type double)


in the collection I have 100 documents .


If I use, in a dashboard, the "marker map": it works well :

it asks me the field for latitude, and the field for latitude,

then I choose a label field (for example I choose "surname"):

and all work well (I see, in the world map, the markers in different positions) .



How Can I work also with the "gradient map"? :

for example:

if I insert, in a row of a dashboard, the "gradient map", then it asks me (in the upper zone of screen)

a field name for the filter: but if I choose (for example) "name" (or "latitude" or "longitude"),

I do not see something in the gradient map: I see nothing (only the world map, but no colours

in the nations): how can I use the gradient map? (I did not find detailed documentation

about the usage when a user is connected to a solr collection).