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Grok parser creating timestamp by combining multiple fields


I have an ambari managed cluster with hdp version I have to create timestamp in unix timestamp from my DNS log which has time information spread across multiple fields. ( Eg log record : Nov 29 09:07:56 host_01456 named[5987]: client query: IN A +ED )

As per my understanding The default Grok parser come with metron expects time information in single field for it to be processed. When checked the code it formats every json values in keys specified in timeFields in parserConfig configuration object using `dateformat` field in parserConfig. This creates some invalid timestamps. How can I tell in grok statement to combine values from different words in to one and use that as the timeField value ? Is there simple solution using grok itself other than stellar functions ?

Eg Log record :

Grok statement I am using right now : DNSLOG %{SYSLOGTIMESTAMP:timestamp} %{DATA:agent} %{DATA:protocol}\[%{POSINT:rqstPort}\]: %{DATA:client} %{IP:srcIp}#%{POSINT:srcPort} %{DATA}: %{DATA:domain} %{DATA:namespace} %{GREEDYDATA:typeName}

Parser Configuration :

"parserConfig": { "grokPath": "/apps/metron/patterns/dnslog", "patternLabel": "DNSLOG", "timeFields": [ "timestamp" ], "timestampField": "timestamp", "dateFormat": "MMM dd HH:MM:SS" }