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Group not using assgined queue

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Everything looks good within my capacity-scheduler.xml below, but when my user tries to run a job, his job starts to use another queue which is set for another group



Is there anyother place am I missing where to check/modify this?


Expert Contributor

Here are some guesses why the other queue is being used:

  • Isn't maybe srvc_wc_hitg also in group EG_SC_BI_DEVELOPERS? If so, the left (first) group -> queue mapping will override the right (second) one.
  • Doesn't maybe the user overrides the queue? If yarn.scheduler.capacity.queue-mappings-override.enable is set to true, srvc_wc_hitg may explicitly chooses the supply_chain queue.
  • Did you restart the ResourceManager after updating the config?
  • Is the capacity scheduler config in use? If you're using Ambari it can override your capacity scheduler config.

And to answer your question, I don't think you need to check/modify anything other then the capacity-scheduler.xml.

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Correct, I am exploring your 4th suggestion since first three were also my first hint, thank you for the info on my question, I'll let you know the result.